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DELTA MIL Custom Design Communication shelters are available in various sizes from 10ft to 50ft .The shelter design and parameters can be made to custom requirement.
The Communication Shelter is designed from High grade material. A composite and foam panel system used to build the units. Panels are made of a bonded sandwich construction consisting of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins/Steel Skin (Custom design) and framework of high-strength all-welded aluminum alloy extrusions. The ISO corners and the end-band frameworks well
as the base of the shelter are mode of high-tensile steel.
These ISO corner fittings interlock with standard hardware for lifting, tying down and lasing units together from top-to-bottom and side-to-side.
Forklift trucks can move the units by using the heavy-duty packets located within the skids on the two long sides of the shelter.
Jack mounting pods of each lower corner are incorporated as part of the basic unit. As an option, leveling/lifting jacks may be furnished. These jacks are used for lifting the shelter on/off the Van Mobilizer and for leveling the units on
uneven terrain.
The corner pasts of shelters can withstand the weight of five loaded stacked shelters.
The currently produced ISO/ANSI standardized shelter/container is a lightweight design aimed at rapid deployment via air, sea land and rail transportation methods.