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Universal Satellite Modem DMD 20

The DMD20 Satellite Modem breaks new ground in flexibility, operation and cost. With standards including IDR, IBS and DVB, and covering data rates up to 20 Mbps, this 1 RU duplex modem covers virtually all your Satellite IP, Telecom, Video and Internet applications. Switch between spurfree 70/140 MHz operation and L-Band without any configuration changes. It’s all in the same box!

The DMD20’s impressive remote accessibility surpasses all others in the field. Remote control via the trusted RLLP (Radyne Link Level Protocol), Ethernet 10 Base-T(SNMP and Web Browser) includes control of all the modem’s features plus software maintenance. Additionally, the two-line backlit LCD can be supplemented with terminal software running on a PC or Laptop. The modem now presents its entire monitor and control functions on the big screen.

Supported by and extensive line of redundancy switches, converters, encoders and decoders, the DMD20 can be built into any satellite requirement. The DMD20 is compatible with DMD15, DMD50, CM701, MD2401 and CDM-600.