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NEMP Racks & Cabinets

Delta MIL NEMP Protected Cabinet

HEMP/NEMP can pose a serious threat to military systems when even a single high-altitude nuclear explosion occurs. In principle, even new nuclear proliferators could execute such a strike. In practice, however it seems unlikely that such a state would use one of its scarce warheads to inflict damage which must be considered secondary to the primary effects of blast, shock, and thermal pulse. EMP cannot be confined to only one “side” of the burst.

Source Region Electro-magnetic Pulse [SREMP] is produced by low-altitude nuclear bursts. An effective net vertical electron current is formed by the asymmetric deposition of electrons in the atmosphere and the ground, and the formation and decay of this current emits a pulse of electromagnetic radiation in directions perpendicular to the current.

DELTA MIL Modular NEMP Shielded Networking Racks/Cabinets Constructed from prefabricated 2mm Galvanized Steel panels and together with conductive mesh gasket between the panels, MIL Grade Galvanized Steel is used .

Panels have Fully MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welded corners with conductive finish to prevent corrosion and high conductivity giving good RF performance.

The Top of the cabinet has M10 blind threaded inserts having the eyebolts fitted into these, they can be removed when not required without decreasing the RF performance. Each NEMP Racks & Cabinets are designed to user requirement’s providing a highly customized solution. The NEMP Racks & Cabinets provides shielding effectiveness